Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Went home for a quick minute. Enjoy the passing moments.


Exploring Northwoods

Over the weekend, a group of friends and I went on an exploration through the trails of Northwoods. I never really realized how far these trails go, but once you get to a sign that says " End of Skidmore Campus", you know you've gone quite a ways. We stumbled upon a warm sun, a cool breeze, good vibes, and even a small, man-made tipi and tree swing. Props to JC and Chaz of Skidmore '09 for making that thing. Enjoy a nice stroll with a bunch of buddies through a unknown forest!


A Beautiful Day

A beautiful day requires beautiful people to do beautiful things under a beautiful sunny, blue sky. But, as their is always a white side of the cookie along with a black side, their is always a tired, gloomy, but satisfying side to a stunning, overloaded day. Here are some people doing some beautiful things on the most beautiful day we've had all semester here at Skidmore. Enjoy!