Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hangin' with Forest Bailey

Forest Bailey. An amazing shredder, an amazing skater, but more than anything, an amazing person. After the festivities of the US Open and Last Call at Loon, I got to hang with Forest for a couple days. And so he brought me to his house. As soon as I walked onto his porch, it became my favorite house. Tucked away from the Vermont roads, Forest's crib rests right next to a beautiful roaring river that entertains them with a continuous meditative sound. His house, to say the least, reminds me of my grandparents place; which is good! With the smell of old wood and incense, and the hundreds of little things tucked in the various corners of the rooms, I fell in love with the place. If your in Vermont and you can find this little secret spot of heaven, then your in for a treat.
Forest Bailey looking his finest
The House
Do-it-yourself welcome sign?! sweet
The river

Best homemade bridge ive ever seen
His mom makes these. They're all over the place

Digital time is overrated
His mom also makes these eggs. Never seen something like this

So many little things tucked in so many corners

Monday, March 22, 2010

Come Surf and get lost in a bamboo Forest with SASS

The title says it all. All spots are taking for this year, but get ready to see some epic photos and some amazing footage of the SASS crew sendin' it in Puerto Rico! If you like what you see than GET ON IT and check out South America Snow Sessions website


James Andrew Haffner
If you know him, then you call him JAH. If you don't, the you might of heard of the name as James Andrew Haffner. Born and raised straight outta Kingston, the rasta boy shreds harder than anyone I know. Click on the Link below to see a small taste of what jah has in his bag of tricks. Watch out for this kid!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reppin' TwinNinjaZ and GoodWood

If you don't know who these guys are or what this is, then GET ON IT!! Twinninjaz has got their own website now and their own necklaces. Hooked up with the Goodwood crew, these necklaces are about to blow up. If you want to check 'em out, contact South American Snow Sessions Luke Shelley at or Marvin Williams at They're tight

OoooEssss Open

Shred, party, and become reunited with all your shredstick buddies; that's what the US Open was all about here at good ol' VT. After 2 days of hard rain, the sun, the girls, and the slushy snow came out and gave us snowboarders a whole week of good times. The pipe was going off, slopestyle was going off, even the simpsons open after party went off from what i remember. with good friends and good vibes all around, shooting the US Open wasn't too hard. I was able to sneak my way into getting a credential, so here are some of the shots i took during the pipe. Big shout out to Randall Stacy for making it all the way to semis! Chyea buddy.

KP never left

Randall getting some love

Scotty Lago


Randall Stacy

Ian Kirk Lovin his job

James Haffner 

Randall Stacy

Saturday, March 6, 2010

On the Roof

Me and my brother Kai went on our roof of our building today and did a little exploring. Nothing like scaring yourself every now and then. ENJOI

Friday, March 5, 2010


These are my brothers. They are G'd up from the feet up. BUT they're also punks. Kai is the blondy, super hippie, amazing at soccer, and likes to stick his tounge out. Eamon is the redhead one. Hes the next jon boham, and plans everything out before anything. That said, their awesome brothers, and I wouldn't change a damn thing about em. Every now and then we take some photos together and get some bangers; Richard Avedon wanna-be photos. check-em out.



Thursday, March 4, 2010


The Kid has been in the Dojo for years now, and has got more moves than chuck Norris. Check out my buddy Sean Ryan from this edit he made in breck. Bangers from begining to end!

BrekenNinjazz from Sean Ryan on Vimeo.


If I were to go anywhere while the Olympics were playing, it would probably be Canada. Great people, great beer, great riding, great vibes, just great everything. If you've ever been to Canada, especially whistler, then you'll know how I feel. I got invited to go to this amazing place with a great friend of mine, Annie Davis, and her two friends from school. So, in mid-Feb. i hopped on a plane and 4 buses so i could go ride one of the sickest mountains in the world and have a beer with a couple canadian friends while watching the Olympics. On the way there we stopped in Seattle for a night to check out the famous public market. Heres a  peek of some photos i took on the trip. enjoyy


couple shots of the SMS crew hitting the jumps out at breck in november