Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stuck in the Whiteroom

POWder, whiterooms, faceshots, windlips, and a whole bunch of ragdolls. We took first runs through Laguna and stayed there till our legs were about to give out. Nothing like powder everywhere in a un-touched playground. We did a couple runs through, shot some contour HD video footage of myself doing a line, and finished the day with a jump. Got a couple bangers that I'm saving, but for now, ENjoyyy these tastie treats.

Coach Craig Bowl-U just got shacked

Camper James Haffner

Camper Timmy


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Freshies in the Gondola Trees

It was dumping snowflakes the size of your fist this morning...and didn't stop all day. With visibilty as good as Helen Keller's, we stayed in the trees and got our fair share of un-touched fresh snow. After passing broken down cars and stuck buses, a couple cups of delicious tage coffee, we spent all day shredding pillow lines, tree stumps, natural booters, and straight up mouth-watering powder. Welcome to the trees right under the gondola.

Ski Coach Brian Angelone chomping away

Hanging in the blue room with Randall Stacy

He might be short, but Snowboard Coach Craig Bowl-U pops higher outta the trees than you would think


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SASS Podacast #1

The First SASS Podcast has come out of the layer of the media room. Sit back, grab some snacks, and enjoy the first of many podcasts to come by our filmers!! Get stoked!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Colorblind in the Patagonia Mountains

While waiting to shoot people dropping a cliff, or get a radio call when people are about to decsend a coular, the landscape and textures of the Patgonia mountains keep me busy. Here are a couple shots of the lines and endless mountain views I have seen so far.



Monday, July 26, 2010

Lifestyles of SASS

There's always lifestyle moments going on when your here with SASS. Mornings at Tage before heading up to the lifts, bus rides over to the mountain, group shots, gondola rides up, waiting for kids to drop with filmer John Conway, something is always happening that catches my eye and makes me pull out my camera to save that moment.

Enjoy a couple shots of things here with SASS before and after we slay the mountain.


The SASS Playground

welcome to Laguna. The SASS Playground. Everything you need for banger shots and good times is in here; and its only a 10 minute hike out of the main mountain face of Cattedral. Powder lines, cliff drops, jumps, anything you want to do you can do in Laguna.

With the snow filled in and the guides approval to make our way to Laguna, the SASS campers and staff shredded top to bottom within the first hour of being there. Head snowboard coach Andrew Burns and his crew set up a jump right next to one of the many spires of Laguna, while skiers dropped cliffs in the lower section of the face. After a quick snack break at the sattle of Laguna with the crew, I headed up to the Burn's jump that his crew had just finished building, and got to work.

On our way out of Laguna at the end of the day, Burns decided to show the new campers whats up and dropped a sick coular. Enjoy the first of many Laguna shots!

taking the view in

Sam Scheer cooling off

camper Shelby Simpson throwing up the horns

James Haffner lofting a Front 3

Andrew Burns going dropping in


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SASS Staff takes Over

day 1. the SASS staff ALREADY destroyed the mountain. With more snow right now then the end of last season, we toured the entire mountain left from right, bottom to top, trying hard to hold our jaws to our mouths.

day 2. we wasted no time. Head snowboard coach Andrew Burns got together alittle crew and scoped out a step-up hip that he had hit previous years with other crews. We checked it out, and got right to work. We Spent a couple hours building the frame and filling it in, came back the next day, polished her off, and sent it! only problem was the wind wasn't too stoked on us...

We were Going Mac10 speed until we hit a flat spot right before the jump, where the wind caught us and lost all our speed. BUT, we made due with what we had, got a couple method shots and some 180's, and were overall stoked that we were building this kickass jump the second day we were riding.

This is only the beginning!!! Enjoy these shots

Snowboard Coach Craig B. hiking

Filmer Jon Conway scoping out his shots

coach Brandon D. learning the ways of jump building

Photographer Ben G. perched in his spot

Andrew Burns got exicted

Scott K. love tapping the blocks

Scott K. and Andrew Burns poking the sky with some methods

Andrew Burns