Friday, June 25, 2010

Moustache Madness

New York City is hot. So hot that I've been staying in orders most of the day being a lazy bum. But, with lazyness sometimes comes creativity. I went to halloween store one day with my buddy Patrick, and bought a pair of sweet moustaches. Then I had this black piece of furniture from a broken bed. Then some magic happened.

After the moustache crazyness, I found a couple drawings and paintings my little brother did this past year. He's 8 years old, and has a very colorful interpretation of things. I wanted to show the world my brothers creative talent! Enjoy his artwork!

Patrick turned into Mario

Eamon turned into a mad scientist

Mom wanted to beat you up

Kai drew that self portrait


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Party time!

Now it's time to party. As the wedding day continued, we arrived back at the Moore House, where the big white tent was awaiting us. Uponing entering the tent you are welcomed with a table just for candy. that's right. Rock candy, chocolate sunseeds, and an unbelievable amount of cupcakes took up the entire table, just waiting for me to dive right in. Make your way through the tables and you'll find yourself standing on a somewhat tilted dancefloor; we knew someone was going to fall dancing tonight.

After a quick, but hilarious toast by the best man himself, Lucas Moore, we sat down with our buddies, enjoying our mixed plates, and waited for Travis and Asia to enter the tent. Suddenly, the music came on, Travis and Asia came in, the dancing started, and thus the night begun. Hours of dancing, jumping in the pond naked, riding the golf carts; I could say it was probably the most fun I have ever had a wedding.

Thank you Travis and Asia for an amazing time!


(Click Photo to Enlarge)

I think the dogs ate the big one

Randall Stacy, straight outta the woods

Their here!

Then we all started dancing

The boys!

Las Chicas bonitas!

She was a pirate girl

Asia having a second to finally take it all in

Then the men came a runnin'...

don't be fooled, they're really biting eachother