Friday, April 30, 2010

Getting Lost in NYC with a bike and a camera

What do you do when the web page in front of you tells you the only skatepark in Manhattan is closed for the winter season and won't open till May? You procrastinate in your room. what happens when your going to drive yourself insane cuase your bored out of your mind? You get your camera, you get your bike, and you go get lost in New York City. I've been at home for 2 weeks now and everyday I've gone for a bike ride and tried to get lost, with my camera in my backpack. Had some crazy adventures and saw some cool things. Head down to Soho and you'll find some crazy Graffiti and even wilder posters. Head up to the upper eastside and you'll see a tram running over east side river that is no longer running. Here a couple photos of some of my adventures. Enjoy!

First thing I saw when I stepped out my door.
...only with Kings
Soho Street art
Guard Dog
Found the dudes secret stash
The Tram. Straight outta a SiFy movie
Upper East Side Colors and Shapes

Early for School

Took my Little brothers to school this morning. We were alittle early, so we hung out by the doors. Enjoy


When I'm here at my apartment in good ol' New York City, stuff is always happening; whether it's nerf gun wars, eamon banging at the drums, kai kicking and smashing the soccer ball, or the dog chasing the cat through a pre-planned obstacle course of the house's objects, something is always going on. But there's a point in the day where the apartment is quiet. The brothers are at school, the parental units are out doing errands, and even the cats and the dog have found their spot in the house to be tranquilo. Enjoy a couple photos of my cats and my dog during this part of the day.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Land of Lord of the Rings, and sheep. Welcome to New Zealand

New Zealand. Who doesn't like a country with more animals in it then the people? Everyone's got a cool accent, the landscape is insane, and the drinking age is 18. Nuff' said. After graduating high school at Stratton Mounatin School, I was given the opportunity to head down to NZ with the SMS snowboard team in August to shoot them in the New Zealand Open. I was beyond stoked.
Within 10 days, I went base-jumping, bought some sweet moccasins, slept in a heated beds, and snowboarded in weather that varied from sunny and sick, to fog so bad you couldn't see your hand in front of you. And when it came to crunch-time, the SMS shredders did work in both the slopestyle and halfpipe competition. I had an amazing expiernce with these guys in the land of the Lord of the Rings, and couldn't of asked for a better crew to be with. Enjoy!

11 Year-old Ty Walker way too exicted to drop off a bridge
SMS rider Hunter Wood and his mom getting the ariel view
Bombs away
SMS Coach Scotty Johnson showing the kiddies how it's done
They all got the stare going for them
The early ride up to the mountain is worth the view.
...and then the fog rolls in
...and then we wait
SMS rider Mikey Perle likes to match with his enviroment
SMS rider Chris Tierney
Our good friend Mr. Tomato man Shuan White
Kazuhiro Kokubo sending a massive air to fakie
US team rider and SMS Alumni Lizzy Beerman after a hard fall
...and US Team coach Bud Keene checking out the damage from up top
James Haffner checkin out my point of view
SMS Head Coach Mike Mallon doesn't mess around with his wax

good thing she has gloves on
Mike Mallon gets his femine-side on with the chicks
Randall Stacy shifty-ing everything
The crew destroying the slope course
Cruisin' around town

Good vibes all around