Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hangin' with Forest Bailey

Forest Bailey. An amazing shredder, an amazing skater, but more than anything, an amazing person. After the festivities of the US Open and Last Call at Loon, I got to hang with Forest for a couple days. And so he brought me to his house. As soon as I walked onto his porch, it became my favorite house. Tucked away from the Vermont roads, Forest's crib rests right next to a beautiful roaring river that entertains them with a continuous meditative sound. His house, to say the least, reminds me of my grandparents place; which is good! With the smell of old wood and incense, and the hundreds of little things tucked in the various corners of the rooms, I fell in love with the place. If your in Vermont and you can find this little secret spot of heaven, then your in for a treat.
Forest Bailey looking his finest
The House
Do-it-yourself welcome sign?! sweet
The river

Best homemade bridge ive ever seen
His mom makes these. They're all over the place

Digital time is overrated
His mom also makes these eggs. Never seen something like this

So many little things tucked in so many corners

1 comment:

  1. hey ttk shredder extraordinaire.
    comment ca va in pr land?
    hows the surf?
    are you still shooting color film on your 35mm?
    if yes i will set aside some films for you .....
    que passo??????
    see you ... when?