Sunday, March 21, 2010

OoooEssss Open

Shred, party, and become reunited with all your shredstick buddies; that's what the US Open was all about here at good ol' VT. After 2 days of hard rain, the sun, the girls, and the slushy snow came out and gave us snowboarders a whole week of good times. The pipe was going off, slopestyle was going off, even the simpsons open after party went off from what i remember. with good friends and good vibes all around, shooting the US Open wasn't too hard. I was able to sneak my way into getting a credential, so here are some of the shots i took during the pipe. Big shout out to Randall Stacy for making it all the way to semis! Chyea buddy.

KP never left

Randall getting some love

Scotty Lago


Randall Stacy

Ian Kirk Lovin his job

James Haffner 

Randall Stacy

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