Friday, September 3, 2010

Going back in Time, The Aldephi Hotel

After a quick skate session at chelsea piers, and a game of soccer with the brothers, My mom and I packed the car with my life, zipped up to our place in Woodstock, grabbed a futon and mini fridge, and continued out way up to Saratoga springs.

We arrived to our hotel at around 7, where we would spend a night before the crazyness of College started tomorrow. The Hotel was a flash back in time; Huge ceilings, old elevators, story-telling wallpapers, extravagant window dressings, all of this and more that made me feel I needed a large mustache and a top hat.

We walked around town, found a sweet little mexican restraunt, and tried to figure out whether we were on another planet. Welcome to the Aldephi Hotel!

Heading to Skidmore tommorow to unload, organize, and figure everything out. Wish me luck!


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