Saturday, September 4, 2010

Skidmore College. Welcome to Room #824

Skidmore College what up!!!!!! First day of crazyness got underway as my mom and I pulled up to jonsson tower, piled my life in a cart, and head up to room #824. Throwing all my stuff on the top bunk, I met both of my roomates, Alex, from Philly, and Tommy, from Boston. We got the whole east coast covered in one room. After being handed books, signing papers, and finding my parking spot for the jeep, I said goodbye to the ma, and headed to do a bunch of activites. One Gigantic freshman class of over 700 kids, a dozen class photos in the rain, name games, and dinner, and the day was done.

Started to unpack and turn my little corner of the room into my own. Got the window desk, and got top bunk; can't complain!

where I'm going to be spending most of my hours with homework....

gotta get some color in the room

Brought my own futon...yeuppp


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