Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crossing the Country

If you like never-ending roads, 75 mph minimum speed limit on the highway, playlists dedicated to Wu-tang, and not knowing what state you may be in next, then you'll like traveling cross-country. After a long and memerable new years eve, James Haffner, Randall Stacy, and Myself set off for a 2 day trip west, to breckenridge, Colorado.

Spending one night at Haffy's childhood roots in Connecticut, we got an early start with a morning of mysterious fog. Every so often we'd stop in a ghost town to gas up at an station that always looked deserted. Our food menus depended on whether we wanted McDonalds, Quiznos, or Subway. We arrived in Chicago around 11pm, and woke up at 4am to get back on the road. From Chicago we gunned it straight to Breckenridge. Beautiful sunsets, good tunes, and good vibes helped us survive this long journey. Enjoy some shots I took along the way of the trip!


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