Monday, March 21, 2011

Out of Hibernation

Spring is here. The Bear has come out of hibernation. I apologize to everyone who has looked at my blog the past 2 months and have seen nothing. Big slap in the face for that one. I woke up today, dragged the bear out of his cave, and now I'm back. Hope your ready.

For this post, I hope you don't mind an overload of photos. Welcome to my Spring Break! I made my way up to Vermont, following the snow and the good vibes. Pabst Beer, Flannel sweaters, snowboarding, and Jimi Hendrix; that about sums up my stay at Vermont. I hit up the US open, and made a quick stop to New Hampshire with my good buddy James Haffner, shredding Waterville one day, and Loon with some homies the other. We filmed and got a couple shots the day we go to waterville, and got loose on rails at loon during Last Call contest. Sunny and sick everyday, good snow, good adventures, good homies. I couldn't of asked for a better break.



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