Thursday, April 1, 2010


" Ok guys, so I'm really hungover, and the snow and the weather is really shitty right now, buttttt were still gonna make this happen. So whoever wants to ginny pig the jump first can go." 
LAST CALL. Thats the name of the game, Loon Mountain, New Hampshire was where it was at. After driving 5 hours, almost hitting a deer, going an hour the opposite way, and seeing a dude walking at 11pm in the middle of a 4 lane highway, Eric Beauchmin and myself made it up to loon for one hell of a competition. Sneaking my way in with the media crew, I got front row seats for one of the most laid back but gnarliest competition I've shot. Sunny? Warm? Good snow? come on people, this is loon, on the East Coast. It was overcast, freezing, and hard ice with a fresh 2 centimeter of snow so you couldn't tell when it was icy or flaky. BUT, for some reason that didn't stop this crew of riders. With two 50 footers side by side, you had the chance to hit either side,  channel gap 'em, or hit the little rhythm section in the middle. With most of the Flow team there, some pro riders like Chas Gouldemond, a couple dudes from the Mt. Snow park crew, and other local and non-local rippers, I saw more stuff go down on this course than I did at the US Open: WAY too many double backflips, a double cork, some siccck rodeos over the gap, even a front flip. who frontflips a 50 foot jump??!
Aside from the weather, Last Call was definitely one of my favorite competitions to watch and shoot. Trying to get all artsy and do my job, I picked a spot where I almost go killed by some of the people who made it over the channel gap by oh I don't know maybe a foot; and thats pushing it.

Beautiful day on a Mellow Course

Chas Doing what he does best. And he didn't even compete.
Like I said...Chas doing work on the Channel
Ian Heart and other Waterville Valley Rippers were killing it

Mt. Snow park crew member Shaun Murphy knows what hats to wear on days like this

Mary Rand got worked all day, but pulled through and got some bangers

Droppin in for the rhythm section

Mt. Snow park Crew Ian has the best sticker job in the world...and he knows it

Waterville Valley Coach Bill Enos getting the shot...for the first time

Jeremy (S)thompson did work all day


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