Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Montreal for the Weekend: Nick Townell's 18th

Ah, Montreal. Everyone who is under 21 loves it cuase we can drink and party there, everyone who is over 21 loves it cuase they get to watch us kiddies go bananas. So, for us, our adventure up to good ol' Canada was for our friend Nick Townsell's 18th birthday. Happy birthday big guy

After a seemingly endless car ride in the dark on 87north, we passed the boarder, and somehow found our way through Quebec, and into the city of Montreal. Sneaking our way through the hotel employers, we reserved 3-two person rooms, and comfortablly fit 4 people in each room. We were stoked. The rest of the night was spent enjoying Nicks first beer with dinner out of the country, and hopping around the busy nightlife of St. Laurent street.

The next day the crew managed to get up, grab some awesome lebanese brunch, and walk around Le Vieux Montreal, or old Montreal. Towering chapels, old brick streets, poutine restraunts (not to be confused with poo-tang), black squirrels, and the best european outfits ranging from classy, to trashy, we got our full cultural experience. Nightlife was a whole different story. We managed to find clubs, but for some reason they kept saying Nick couldn't go in becuase he was too good looking. We couldn't leave the birthday boy, so we made the best out of every situation, even though we might have possibly gotten kicked out of every club we went too. For now, enjoy some photos of this rather adventuresome weekend.

Good thing Skidmore is only 4 hours away. Enjoy!

um Black squirrels? since when?


Banksy was here


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