Monday, November 1, 2010


So this is what happened...

My computer exploded, my hard drive said goodnight, and I broke basically every piece of technology i touched. No bueno. So, after being called out multiple times by friends, family, and people I don't even know, the blogging is starting up again. NO excuses.

This post is gonna be the super-mega-ultimate-uber post; instead of doing my usual rant about the day, i'll just let the photos do the talking seeing that you need to catch up on the past 3 weeks of my life. So, without further ado, here's a early christmas present. Enjoy!

Dizzy yet?

Nights at the library...

Working away at the studio

6am reggae on the radio? yeup

The crew

His baby

Cig break

Victims of "The Hunt"

Lea Carey likes to get double angles does miya

Kickin' it in the room


The last colors of fall

Taking a stroll through the woods

Welcome to the Tang Museum elevator

Can't hid from Lea Carey

Las Chicas bonitas

GG. A Boss has gotta look like a boss.

Nick's Fresh kicks

Late night adventures

Time to go to Canada

That's all I got for you. Till next time.


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  1. Yay Tikos! Happy to see new photos up. pretty colors. no worries about hard drive yo, it's all a cycle. nothing is permanent, not even permanent retainers. peace&love~~erica