Monday, November 8, 2010

VT for the day

Work overload these last couple days. Gotta work hard to play hard though so I'm sucking it up and getting through another week.

I drove up to VT on saterday for the day. It felt great to go on alittle adventure again. After an all back road route thanks to yahoo maps, and some random towns, I made it up to good ol' stratton where I met up with my buddy Randall Stacy. We hooked up with a friend from argentina, Michaela Eichenbaum, had a quick flashback at our favorite sandwhich place, exchanged some college stories, and skated for the rest of the day with our coach, friend, and life role model, Ian kirk. Felt damn good to skate again with some friends and be back in VT. We stopped by Kirks new pad, which looked straight outta harry potter, and headed back skidmore. Nothing like a quick adventure.

Time to get back to the books....enjoy!


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