Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Angelika Theater

Last night my mom, little brother, and I rushed over to 14st to try and catch the 7:30 show for the avatar wanna-be movie, Tron. We arrived only to find out by the little indian women behind the counter that our tickets weren't purchased online like we thought we did, and the show was sold out. Bummed, mom dragged our feet to a more hip, classy movie theater called the Angelika. Comfy couches, a fancy variety of delicious, small cupcakes and food items for 10 dollars a piece, even some ambiance beats in the background; this was not your typical clearview cinemas. My little brother and I found ourselves with 3 hot chocolates, 3 tickets to The Tempest, and a theater full of old people chuckling to shakespeare jokes. I enjoyed alittle shakespeare lingo again, but Eamon, being 11 years old, did not. Course, who liked shakespeare at 11 years old?

Here are a couple snaps of the theater. If you ever read the Tempest and semi-liked it, you should check this movie out. It got pretty trippy, and the english guy from Forgetting Sarah Marshall is in it. Enjoy!


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