Friday, December 24, 2010

The Christmas Day Spirit

Double XL milkshakes with my buddy patrick are always an adventure to some new diner I've never been to in the city. Late night subway rides home have been a must lately, only cuase i might get knocked off my bike from the horrendous wind. I also visited my little brother at his drum session, and got to listen to him and his teacher jam out for a bit.

Today, mom dragged the boys to get alittle christmas uptown spirit. Buildings and cars wrapped in bows, tiny 400 dollar christmas tree ornaments, beautiful window shopping decorations, and even small, elegant, bite size mozzerella, tomate and basil sandwhichs. We even got tricked into going to the MET; which, in fact, is always so much to revisit. I've had so many memories as a kid at the MET, it's kinda hard not to enjoy it. Enjoy some snaps of the day!


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