Thursday, August 26, 2010

Martha's Vinyard Living

After the NH love, I hopped on two buses onward to Woodshole, where I met the rest of my family, hopped in the car, and drove right onto the ferry that would take us to Mr. President Barack Obama's vacation spot, Martha's Vinayard. However, we happened to hop on the ferry in the middle of a storm that has been holding on for a couple days now. Huge winds and waves pounded the ferry, and I watched as countless heads ran to the bow to un-load the nacho chips they just scarffed 10 minutes earlier. We made it safetly across and made it to our favorite house in MV, the Tower house.

Gonna be kickin' in Martha's Vinyard with my family for a couple days. Alittle beach and amazing mom's food probably wouldn't hurt before I got to run off to College. Here are some shots of the trip over. Enjoy!


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