Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Straight to New Hampshire

So I've been on the road the last couple days.

I said goodbye to the SASS crew and Argentina, and headed back to the US of A. After 2 days of travel I arrived back home, and kicked it with my family again. I missed mom's cooking alot I realized. But, next thing I knew, I was on a bus headed to NH to see and say goodbye to some good friends before they headed back to College and longterm jobs.

I spent my first couple nights with the RGS babes, Shuana, and Sarrah (Carr). If you haven't heard already, these chicas are the new pumas in town; with a damn good cafe, that makes some damn good Ice coffee. I lounged by their pool, cooked a delicious fish lunch, had a sushi night adventure, and listened to the funniest stories. Welcome to the Cougar mansion!


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