Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunny and Sick

As the dogs started barking, and the music in the hallway started playing from Lucas Moores "beatbox waker-uper", the zombie shredders climbed outta of bed and got ready for another day of adventures. As they climbed on the bus and passed back out, they woke up and arrived to the mountain to a beautiful blue bird sky and firey red mountain peaks. We headed straight to our playground, Laguna, and hiked straight to the top where we made a massive jump and a fun cliff step down. Powder landings, warm sun, today was a tahoe day in winter season Argentina. Enjoy!

Camper Alex Bayer has his hands full with a front 3 double stiffy

Camper Mikey Perle sending a proper method

Coach "shacktown" Sam Scheer getting shacked

Coach Brendon Drury becoming enlightened by the last bit of light


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