Friday, August 13, 2010

Rip Curl Slopestyle Quals

I don't think the Rip Curl Argentine Freestyle judges were ready when a handful of SASS campers and staff signed up for the slopestyle. Everyone hammered out runs and tricks in this course that looked like so much fun. Me and BenG got to freeze our asses off and catch these clowns doing flips and spins to please las chicas, and probably to qualify for the final tomorrow; but mainly for the chicks.

It was a cold one today, with the sun dipping in and out. But, like we always do, BenG and I scoped out some spots to shoot and said our goodbye to our fingers and toes. Enjoy the Quals and get ready for the finals manana!

Camper Chris Tierney floatin' a 7

Camper Cam Fitzpatrick rodeo's are smoother than butta


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