Monday, July 26, 2010

The SASS Playground

welcome to Laguna. The SASS Playground. Everything you need for banger shots and good times is in here; and its only a 10 minute hike out of the main mountain face of Cattedral. Powder lines, cliff drops, jumps, anything you want to do you can do in Laguna.

With the snow filled in and the guides approval to make our way to Laguna, the SASS campers and staff shredded top to bottom within the first hour of being there. Head snowboard coach Andrew Burns and his crew set up a jump right next to one of the many spires of Laguna, while skiers dropped cliffs in the lower section of the face. After a quick snack break at the sattle of Laguna with the crew, I headed up to the Burn's jump that his crew had just finished building, and got to work.

On our way out of Laguna at the end of the day, Burns decided to show the new campers whats up and dropped a sick coular. Enjoy the first of many Laguna shots!

taking the view in

Sam Scheer cooling off

camper Shelby Simpson throwing up the horns

James Haffner lofting a Front 3

Andrew Burns going dropping in


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