Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kite Surfing with Le Kadji's

Bon, Je suis en Guadeloupe avec Le Kadji Familie. I have been coming down to Gwada to see my french family every summer for the past 6 years now. And everytime I come we never stop moving; we've all decided that this is the moto of the Kadji's, we NEVER stop moving.

And so, one of the first things we did on this beautiful island is my dad's new favorite thing to do for the past 3 years; Kite Surfing. I stayed back on this session to watch him and my brother, Hadrien, become one with the wind.

To me, Kite Surfing is like when you buy a new piece of furniture from Bed, Bath, and Beyond; your so exicted to open it and get it all set-up, until you realize it says some assembly required. In this case, kite surfing requires ALOT of assembly. You got to pump it up with air, untangle all the cords and attach them in the right places, and make sure everything is in the right place before lift off. Then of course you need to know eveyrything about the wind; the kite, the direction, le tout, everything. After that though, its like anything else as crazy as kite surfing, its awesome. That's what my dad told me at least.

We went for a surf session afterward. Le Kadji's never stop moving. Enjoy the photos!

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That's my dad on the right there


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  1. Someday I hope someone looks a such a rad photo and a girl says "That's My Dad On The Right There". BA fellas