Monday, July 5, 2010

A day with Jean Francois Kadji

With the surf dead, and no wind for kite surf, I threw on a pair of gloves, some croc shoes, and went to the clinic with my father to watch him do what he does best; fix people.

I was introduced to a bunch of people at the clinic, all of which I forgot their names immedietly only becuase so much was going on. Before entering the surgeon room, we stripped down to our boxers, and I was given a matching pair of blue pants and shirt, something to cover my hair, my face, a pair of crocs, and a name tag saying, " New York Times Photographer".

From then on, I followed my dad around with my camera in hand, and acted as though I was a reporter for the New York Times. Once we arrived in the surgeon room, I watched him perform 4 surgeries, one of which I was apart of. After getting over the smell and the fact that I was holding scissors that were in a persons body, I gotta say it was one hell of a day. I take my hat off and applaud my father and the rest of my Kadji family for doing this kind of job. Bravo papa.

I tried to keep the gross stuff out of the photos, cuase nobody really wants to see a guy with one testicle the size of his hand get fixed.

We had a great surf sesh at the end of the day. All in a days work with the Kadji's! Enjoy


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