Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eamon Graduates

So my little brother Eamon graduated from Elementary school the other day. Little kids in Armani-looking suits and dresses, long on-going conversations from the teachers, and even a short speech from a celebrity and former student all went down. After arriving at the "New School", the excited parents took their seats, with their cameras ready and their nerves just as close to breaking as the kids were. meanwhile, the littlest of the clan, Kai, and I sat in our seats making faces at Eamon as he spaced out when the principle began her speech.

After about an hour or so of speaking and singing, my little brother got his diploma, and bolted outside with the rest of his freinds before we could congradulate him; typical 5th grader move, we've all done it. Sooner or later we found him, exchanged high fives and hugs, and then told me he was going to his school dance tonight at a club. My jaw dropped. Lucky kid...

The next couple days for Eamon were filled with parties and "bro-time" with his buddies. On the last day of school I brought my brothers 2 skateboards and a soccer ball, and we stayed in the school yard the entire day. They were the first ones to get out of class, and the last ones to leave the school yard. First Chair Last call style! Enjoy the photos from all of this!


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