Friday, July 9, 2010

The Rest of Gaudeloupe

Here are a couple other adventures I had during my stay in Gwada. Took a boat trip one day to do alittle Plonge, scubadiving. Got a couple more shots of the Kite surfing sessions we had. Hung around the pools of my dad's house and my uncle's. On Jeff's day off, we did a surf mission across the island, looking for the best surf that day. Some photos of my little sister, their dog caramel, and other random shots of things I saw in Gaudeloupe.

Hope you Enjoy! I'm headed off to shred some powder in Argentina in a couple days, so get ready for a couple weeks posts of what I'm doing with SASS down south!

(Click on Photo to Enlarge)

true, true

Caramel went for a boat ride with us

My dad's pool and view. not too bad
Ana Kicks around with Caramel alot

My uncle always swims with a buddha in his pool

Some sweet Graffiti all over Gwada


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