Tuesday, July 20, 2010

SASS Staff takes Over

day 1. the SASS staff ALREADY destroyed the mountain. With more snow right now then the end of last season, we toured the entire mountain left from right, bottom to top, trying hard to hold our jaws to our mouths.

day 2. we wasted no time. Head snowboard coach Andrew Burns got together alittle crew and scoped out a step-up hip that he had hit previous years with other crews. We checked it out, and got right to work. We Spent a couple hours building the frame and filling it in, came back the next day, polished her off, and sent it! only problem was the wind wasn't too stoked on us...

We were Going Mac10 speed until we hit a flat spot right before the jump, where the wind caught us and lost all our speed. BUT, we made due with what we had, got a couple method shots and some 180's, and were overall stoked that we were building this kickass jump the second day we were riding.

This is only the beginning!!! Enjoy these shots

Snowboard Coach Craig B. hiking

Filmer Jon Conway scoping out his shots

coach Brandon D. learning the ways of jump building

Photographer Ben G. perched in his spot

Andrew Burns got exicted

Scott K. love tapping the blocks

Scott K. and Andrew Burns poking the sky with some methods

Andrew Burns


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