Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Traveling to my new Home


Airplanes, buses, moving snowboard bags, waiting, running to the next gate, being the last person on the plane, losing my bags, being delayed, greeting and hugging new and old friends, jumping on a bus for 20 hours, tynol PM, a couple Quilmes, chomping into the best lomito sandwiches; this is the list of things that happened to my 72 hours of travel to the best place in the world, Argentina.

I am in my new home with my new family, and it feels amazing. It was the longest, most stressful, most awarding travel I have ever done. After being that guy in the airport sprinting to my gate after my first delayed flight from NYC, I was the last guy on the flight to Bariloche, but was greeted by my best friends and new SASS staff with loud cheers and hugs. After a 14 hour flight, we arrived in Beunas Aires, met the rest of our staff crew, hoped in a mini bus with over 3o boards bags, ate an AMAZING lomito sandwich and papas fritas by the waterfront, and jumped in a double decker bus for 20 hours.

Long story short, I'm here. Let the hard work, good times and waist deep powder slahes begin. Enjoy some photos of one of the craziest travel experiences I have yet to have.


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