Monday, June 7, 2010

Leaving Vermont with a BANG

The day I left Vermont, I went out with a bang. Really. Mike Mallon took Randall Stacy and myself out to a 101 gun shooting lesson on a misty, wet morning.

we roll hard in VT

We met up with Mallon at his house around 9am, where he brought out about 8 different gun cases individually, each one in really akward shapes. After packing the truck with an army, we took a small ride to a small shooting spot closed to off to most of the public. With only the 3 of us, some guns, and some tin cans to shoot, Mallon showed us all the in's-outs of each bullet and gun that he brought. We Shot a 22mm, shot a couple shotguns that WORKED my shoulder, and shot a couple rifles. After one bloody nose from his dad's old double barrel shotgun, I grabbed some shots of where we were. At my feet were hundreds of shells imprinted in the ground, and across the field had wood and items that people shot that look like Swiss cheese; its defiantly how I would imgaine a place like this.

It was my first time shooting and it was a sick experience; Randall is already getting a gun. Thanks for 101 Mallon!

The Bunny ears are essential

Lock it.

Load it.

Shoot it.


I call it the James Bond.


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