Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Travis Moore and Asia Milone's Wedding

Pink shoes, Van Slip-ons, japanese fans, and tons of friends and family packed in a small white Church perched very discreetly in the middle of the Forest. While we all packed oursleves in the maze of the Church, A smooth black limo pulled up, and with it, a beautiful Asia Milone, wearing the pimpest pink high heels I have ever seen. As we all scurried to go to our places, me and two other photographers franticly started clicking away.

I have never really taken photos for a wedding, but I feel like Travis and Asia's wedding was the best one to start with. It all happened too quick. One moment, Travis's jaw was dropped as soon as the bride walked in the Church, and the next moment we were all whistling and snapping away at the first kiss.

Following the newly married couple out the door, we jumped back in our cars and headed to the big white tent where drinks were being poured, meat was being cooked, and the dance floor was feeling lonely. Party photos soon to come!

Travis and Asia you guys are the BEST!


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