Saturday, June 5, 2010

AdventureLand in VT

The best thing about little brothers is that I get to re-live all the kid things I used to do when I was their age. Its probably one of the greatest things to expeierence, and I get to do it every time I hang out with my little dudes. So when they were in VT with me for the SMS graduation, we spent time together at my new favorite spot in Vermont; the Adventure land in Bromley.

First thing we did was take a chair lift ride up to the top of the luge course. Right under our feet we watched little kids blast downhill while moms and dads tapped on the breaks. Eamon said he was gonna bomb it and I told him I didn't think he couldn't. Sure enough he did, and was the most stoked kid I've ever seen. Kai of course tried to follow eamon but couldn't quite understand how to work his car. snagged some cool photos on the trip up and down!

After a quick lunch break with our dog, we hit up the mini golf course. Mini Golf is the best thing in the world; I feel like I'm in super mario land or something. There were about 18 sick holes, with a bunch of crazy obstacle courses that my brothers were stoked on.

As if 18 holes wasn't enough, my little brother hit up the water tube slide about 30 times. I grabbed some photos of these insane kids going together in one tube, getting soaked at the bottom, only to jump out and run up the magic carpet to do it again.

I had a great adventure with my brothers, I do everytime we hang out.


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