Friday, June 4, 2010

Bombing Ball Mountain Dam

On a beautiful Vermont sunset evening, I went longboarding down Ball Mountain Dam with the masters Ian Kirk and Chance Longley, and my buddy Randall Stacy.

As you enter Ball Mountain Dam, you become enclosed in the surronding trees, driving along a smooth flat concert surface. Then out of nowhere, it descends into this on-going down hill slope with sticks and alitte pepples brushed off to the side. At the very end of the of the road is a dead end circle, where you can park your car and enjoy the ominous everlasting view of Ball Mountain Dam. But for us skaters its a perfect "ride-out" spot. The 4 of us hiked the entire hill 4 or 5 times, and drove and filmed it 3 times; we could of stayed there until it was dark.

Along the downhill is alittle road closed off by a large yellow car gate. Chance Longley got the cadornas to hippie hope the thing, so I pulled out my camera and got a couple shots. He ate it HARD one time, but stomped in the end.

Heres a video of the cruise and a couple photos I snagged! Enjoy!


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