Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Morning of

The day of the wedding. This was the day everybody was waiting for. Espically for Travis Moore. In order not to go completly nuts from being nervous, Travis Moore brought the men wakeboarding.

We grabbed Vito Coco's, our shades, our cameras, and jumped on the boat like little kids; at least I did. After going MAC10 speed on the boat, and snagging a couple photos of the man in the water, we enjoyed the crazy scenery of Bike Week. We grabbed a quick bite with a "sexy" view on the beach, and then Lucas Moore realized we were going to be late for Travis's own wedding. We zoomed back to the house, Travis did a quick Slip-N-Slide preview for the ladies, and we headed home to get ready for the wedding.

The wedding photos are coming next Asia and Travis I promise!


He was killing it

Travis driving like a pro

The crew

Staying hydrated the right way

The caged monkey

Ian Kirk's favorite hat

Andrew Burn was kickin' back... was this dude

The Bike Week Combo

He flex's 24/7

Travis always showing the girls how its done


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