Thursday, June 10, 2010


So I'm back in NH with the SASS crew, surfing the little sets that come by every now and then, and geeking out on the computer working. One afternoon I got a message from a bunch of my friends that go Denver University, saying they live 2 minutes from where I'm staying. So of course, first night we hung out we partied.

After an hour and half ride of DnB music with my buddy Stew, we arrived at a sweet little condo up in North Conway, NH. We had a crew of friends, along our new nut crackers friend mr. Hans. Confused? The photos do the best to tell how the night went. Capturing these kinds of photos is one of the reasons why I love photography; your able to freeze a moment that you probably wouldn't remember, look at it, and suddenly remember other things that happend before or after you were butt naked jumping off the flight of stairs with a snow skate. yeah. Enjoy these. Some crazy stuff went down...

thank you photography

Stew has some pretty baller shades


Max is always on top of the snack

Thugs in a country house


another 3am photoshoot

we called him " Hans, Vanshuzsenburger"

The shot of the night. Brian Sullivian people
we did some permanent marker drawing

he got lil' wayn'd up


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  1. fuck yeaaaaaaaaa my peoples!!!! so pumped on these photos tikes