Monday, June 21, 2010

The Calm before the Storm

You couldn't ask for a more perfect evening before a wedding. After a short drive North to Hampton, NH, myself and the SASS crew pulled into the Moore house. I was awed at the place. With a huge open area of land, a beautiful pond with singing frogs, a house filled to the ceilings with photograpahic memories of the Moore family, and the SASS monkeys zipping around in golf carts, we all knew tomorrow was going to be a good day. After eating our mixed plates and enjoying stories around a bonfire, we went to our beds dreaming about good vibes for the next day.


Got out of one car, got in another...

getting wild...

Mr. Moore took the keys away at one point.

The party Tent

Mrs. Moore and the Bride assessing it all

Kristina started jumping...

...then everybody started jumping

quick seista

The Moore House

starting early

Kickin' it around the fire


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