Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The New SASS Office

So, like the so-called "adventure boys" we are, SASS office had to change the office location. We said goodbye to the old mansion by the water and said hello to our new batman warehouse about 10 gruesome minutes away. Like running a secret business, we have created our own little spaces to work, with nobody knowing where all the SASS awesomness is coming from; except the ice-cream man.

While we were all tuned out to our computers or cell phones, a slight sound of old carnival music rang through the office. And suddenly, like a tiger smelling its prey, Travis Moore sniffed out the smell of deliciousness, sold his client that he was on the phone with, and busted out the office screaming " ICEEEEEE CREAAMM TRUCK!!!!!" After we all jumped back to being alittle kid again and ordering our favorite action figure ice cream, the guy told us he'd be back everyday next week. We were stoked. Gonna go for a skate session later with Andrew Burns. Good day at the new SASS Office!

(Click Photo to Enlarge)

Ninja Turtle Luke Shelley selling sessions and ordering pizza at the same time

Welcome to the Dojo

Andrew Burns in his own little world

Brian "Angel-one" always has a sword on him just in case

And then the Ice Cream truck came
Travis Moore bought the entire truck

What was your favorite ice cream when you were a kid?

Lucas Moore is a fan of the twisters

The SASS staff takes over the Ice Cream Truck!


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