Sunday, April 18, 2010

SGT, Puerto Rico, Skate Adventures

When the SGT boys weren't getting shacked on the waves, we were skating around town and in every skate park we could find in Aquadilla. We Skated an outdoor skatepark with a field trip of high school kids who looked like they've never seen 5 gringos skateboarding before. We skated a cement bowl, we played skate with a couple of the locals in an indoor skatepark. We almost skated as much as we surfed, ALMOST. One afternoon we found this cool set of stairs and some flat ground that sat on the roof of an indoor skatepark, and it was too cool to not shoot it. So here you go!

The SGT Crew

Ian Kirk Picking his nose again

There was Graffiti everywhere
Sam Loves the camera....and the camera loves sam


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