Sunday, April 18, 2010

SGT, Puerto Rico, Mango Hunting

If you venture past the main headquarters of the Bamboo fortress, and beyond the little huts that just poke out of treeline, you'll find yourself following various paths (cut by the adventurer guru Sam Scheer) that lead every which way. Now follow a path down the slope, slip on wet mud, trip over nests of termites, and you'll end up in a gully of Bamboo that tower one hundred feet. Tucked away in one of the 4 monstrous clumps of Bamboo lays the biggest hammock in world, and if your lucky enough, you'll find the master bed that belongs to the master bamboo maker, Joe Scheer himself. 

If you DARE to follow the path even more, you'll climb up a slope, jump over a barb wire and maybe, just maybe, you will have found paradise; an endless amount of fresh mangos sprawled throughout the ground and delicately hanging off the trees waiting to be picked and eaten. Eat one of these mangos and you'll be picking at your teeth forever, enjoying the sweet juices and the stringy pieces of mango stuck in your mouth. Enjoy this mango hunt we went for one afternoon.

heading down

one of the many un-finished projects in the Forest

Mino the cat was our protector

You could just make out the tree houses

The Master bed in the middle of the Forest

actual size

actual size also

Ian Kirk playing games with a machete

Sam always taking short cuts

A view worth the hike

so. many. Mangos.

The mango trees

Randall Stacy aka "Rambo Stacy" is ready for anything

Ian kirk being the little kid he is


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