Friday, April 30, 2010

Getting Lost in NYC with a bike and a camera

What do you do when the web page in front of you tells you the only skatepark in Manhattan is closed for the winter season and won't open till May? You procrastinate in your room. what happens when your going to drive yourself insane cuase your bored out of your mind? You get your camera, you get your bike, and you go get lost in New York City. I've been at home for 2 weeks now and everyday I've gone for a bike ride and tried to get lost, with my camera in my backpack. Had some crazy adventures and saw some cool things. Head down to Soho and you'll find some crazy Graffiti and even wilder posters. Head up to the upper eastside and you'll see a tram running over east side river that is no longer running. Here a couple photos of some of my adventures. Enjoy!

First thing I saw when I stepped out my door.
...only with Kings
Soho Street art
Guard Dog
Found the dudes secret stash
The Tram. Straight outta a SiFy movie
Upper East Side Colors and Shapes

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