Sunday, April 18, 2010

SGT Puerto Rico, Welcome to the Tree House

Where? South Rincon, Puerto Rico; in a tree house. When?! the last 5 days? with who?!? the SASS Global Travel crew thats who!! In order to try and explain how amazing the SGT Puerto Rico Surf trip was, I decided to just throw words and adjectives out their, and hope that these words and these photos do some sort of justice. So here it goes, Part 1 of 3.

Mr. Bamboo man Joe Scheer

Welcome to a house made ENTIRLY out of bamboo. The ping pong table is bambo, the beds are bambo, the kitchen is bambo, even my shades that broke are now made partly out of bambo. Who's the man behind the plan?!?!? His name is Joe Scheer. He is one creative dude. While were out getting SCHACKED by waves down by da beach, you'll see Joe moving 40 foot long bamboo sticks, moving throughout his entire forest of bamboo, doing projects here and there. Welcome to his dojo.

Where it all goes down...

One of the numerous tree house rooms in the Forest

Joe doing what he does best, lookin at trees

One of the many delicious dinners we had

The House Cat Mino staying cool the right way

A Bamboo made ping pong table?!

Travis getting serious

the Surf Guru Sam Scheer cuttin' up a storm

Enjoying a cold one after a long day of surf

 the definition of "Tranquilo"

Ian Kirk and Mino became good buds


Such a rad tank top

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