Saturday, April 10, 2010

USASA Nationals Slopestyle

Welcome to a competition full of little grommets running all over the place and moms and dads filming and standing in your way on every obstacle thats NOT in the contest. Cloudy or sunny, kids from ages 4- 90 years old come to Copper Mounatin, CO, to compete against the Nations best riders. So lads and gents, I give you USASA Nationals, the biggest and most exciting thing thats happening to you because your 12 and you've made it in, or the most fun and laid back time to shred with your friends and have fun futzing around on a half-pipe or some jumps. Here a couple shots I took during the open men (18+) slopestyle. There were a lot of shades and lines that day, so I decided to try a little Black & White.

Dropping in

SASS rider and SMS student Eric Beauchemin just getting it around

James Haffner Sending a HUGE fs360

they're always watching you

Throwin' a Rodeo

Rodeos were a big hit

SMS Alumni Kevin Mattice sending  cab 540 like a thug

Contemplating how he fell...

Procrastination is key when you shoot slopestyle


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  1. these are really amazing shots, the composition, exposure, contrast, texture, theyre all as good as it gets!!