Sunday, April 25, 2010

Send it with SMS

One cool thing about Sratton Mountain is once all the hysteria of the US Open is finished, the Stratton Mounatin School snowboard team is given a chance to ride both the slope course and the pipe. This gives the young riders a chance to throw down whatever they've got in their bag of tricks without feeling pressured by the crazyness of the competition.
This year's session at the slope course was basically as good as it gets. With the sun shining, the snow conditions perfect, and slope course competely empty, the SMS shredders were amped and ready to thrown down for the camera. Since I had all the freedom in the world to move where I pleased, I found it hard to choose one spot to shoot. I got some sick shots and some stoked friends; couldn't ask for a better session. Enjoy!

Randall Stacy sending a back 5
Back 180's are Randall's friend
James Haffner Corking the bottle on a Cab 7
backflip? or Cab 5? you decide
Frontside 900's are JAH speciality
Sending it from outer space. Captain Ian Kirk


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