Sunday, April 18, 2010


His name is Sam Scheer, and he loves to get SCHACKED. what is getting shacked? If you go surf with sam, you'll learn that it can mean two things: you just got barreled in a sickkkkkk wave, or you just got eaten alive by the triple set. Either way, when you come out, you'll be hearing sam yelling, " dude you just got SO SCHACKED!"

The Schack Master Sam Scheer

Sam was our local surfer dude who we rolled with so we didn't look like complete "Gringos". Every mid-morning we surfed and almost every day we got in a sunset session. He surfs some of the sickest surf spots in Puerto Rico, and can then go home to a tree house with endless possibilities and his "amor", Mino, the kitty. Our days with sam consisted of looking for the better surf, eating the best sandwhich, and skating every possibly skate park we could find in Aquadilla. welcome to Part 2 of 3 of the trip. Welcome to Sam Scheers dojo.

Shared the van with 5 other people and 8 other surfboards

Open door status

Scoping it all out

" DUDE you could get so SHACKED on that wave"

Ian Kirk Getting the Shot...

Loving every minute of it

SASS and Green Wax represent

It's called the OG truck for a reason

It was all about the Cobra tye dye board

Sam feeling OG in his OG truck

Ian Kirk getting all lubed up for the wave

The Two love birds Travis Moore and Asia Milone

If you find a surf sticker in a Coconut, it might be a sign
Randall Stacy is serious when it comes to these huge swells
ready to get SHACKED

Tommy Hilfiger payed SGT a visit

Las Chicas soakin up la sol
Chillin hard

the crew getting shacked
muy tranquilo

checkin out the surf for a late afternoon session
Sam enjoying a rum con punch depues un dia de surf


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  1. Totally caught who Sam is in this story. Wait till you get him on a snowboard... From getting pow turns to getting knuckled on a table "SHACKED!" Stoked on the new project in the Rico, His Oregon homies are planning a trip down there soon.