Friday, April 9, 2010

Alittle Taste of Argentina

If you were at Copper Mountain this past week, you were most likely there for the USASA Nationals. If you were, then you probably saw the SASS Tent. And if you saw that, then you probably came and checked out how HARD South America Snow Sessions was sending it... for EVERYTHING. Being the loudest and most proactive crew out there, I had a blast yelling out the microphone, helping people who came by the tent understand what SASS is all about, and chilling with the entire crew. If you came to the tent and you were interested in signing up for a session, then you were probably put on the VIP list for our fiesta we called alittle taste of Argentina!

Back at the pimp, six floor SASS house, we made an Asado-like dinner for la fiesta. Endless amounts of meats, sausage, bread, churiso, and the famous Malbec wine flourished all night long. On the TV, SASS videos from previous sessions played on repeat, while people near the dining table were lassoing eachother. At the end of the night, all the food was gone, the rest of the wine was leftover in the 50-some wine glasses that were spread through out the house, and our guests left with full bellies and happy faces. The vibes were so good that night, we did it again.
All in all, I had an amazing time, and snagged a couple photos while I was at it.

This is where the magic happened. Harry Herald killed it all night long on the grill
Churiso's were a big hit
SMS Coach Scotty Johnson showing everyone how its done

It was a Lasso joke apparently

The Vino

You can't have an Asado without Malbec

SASS rider Spencer Curren  lovin the vibes

it just kept coming...

...and coming!

If you didn't get a chance to come to this AMAZING taste of Argentina, then go to and check out what we are all about, and what a great life changing experience we have to offer!!!!!! Come down to SASS and you'll get a full *chomp* outta the real Argentine lifestyle



  1. last night in my anatomy class we talked alot about 'meat' - apparently every piece of meat you eat is actually muscle....ok just to gross you out and make you go a little AHIMSA!!!!! love, gurumom

  2. awesome photo tikos! looks like you guys had so much fun!! blog is rad!! peace&love !