Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Roofin'

The one good thing about boredom is that at one point it drives you so nuts that your forced to think of something to do; at least por moi it is. Creativity fluorishes throughout my house, so its not too hard to come up with ideas when I'm in the house on a beautiful sunny Sunday in New York City. With my mom at a yoga class and my littlest brother kai at soccer, it left me and the middle brother, eamon, to kick back at the house.

After snacking too much and watching way too many episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel air, I got up and went up to the rooftop. Came back downstairs 5 minutes later, grabbed some ducktape, a white sheet, my camera gear, and told my brother to follow me. I called me buddy Patrick and we had ourselves a little ghetto photoshoot on my roof! Ended up getting some fun shots, that were very Richard Avedon-esk. 

I've always been a really big fan of Richard Avedons work, who was the first photographer's photo's that were black and white portaits with a white back-drop that I've ever seen. I feel that the over-exposure of the white makes your eyes focus more on the subject and his/her different atributes; like their clothes, their facial expression, their body, etc. 

Anyway, Enjoy!


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