Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Surf Mission to Maine

" I mean dude were not supposed to be in the house tomorrow anyway, so we might as well surf all day right?"

So Sunday came along, and with it a bridal shower for the beautiful, soon to be married, Asia Milone. And with THAT came screams of excitement and clacking of high heels from the squad of women that came through the house in the morning. Soon enough, all the men were up and eager to get out of the house and into the water. As the women prepared their day, the men scrambled to get together all the gear for a surf mission up to maine.

After snagging a couple photos of the Bridal scene, I hoped in the car and started to make our way on 95north to maine. 7 amped dudes ready to get shacked arrived in maine to this...

After checking out a couple spots that were just as dead, we knew we HAD to surf something. With fog set in and the ocean quieter than John Sang's muffler, we found one spot and surfed some sickkk ankle high waves.

After a small session, we got back in the car, saw some ass, literally, and made our way home just in time for dinner. Here are a couple shots of the mission! 

not too many surf photos,  I was too busy get SHACKED. Enjoy!


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  1. hygeriously funny, I must say. how was the shower