Monday, May 17, 2010

The Naked Iron men

So this is straight outta a Sci-Fi movie. If you head over to Madison Square park in the City,on 26st and Broadway, you'll find a metal statue of this naked dude in the middle of the street. In fact, you'll see one or two of these naked fellas planted right in the middle of the park, or on the side of street. Kinda wierd to see a naked statue with his shwang just hanging out huh? Here's where it gets freaky. While your walking through the park, if you tilt your head up toward the sky, you'll see these dudes at the top of the buildings surronding Madison Square Park; and not just one or two, apparently there are 31 lurking about the tops of the buildings, one per roof. Once you spotted one, another one would appear, and another, and then the horror movie feeling kicks in.

As freaky as these naked dudes are, chilling with their shwang out and about, it's a sick photo opprotunity. You can spot them from blocks away the park, and even in between the cracks of the tree leaves that engulf the park in a beautiful dome like shape.

According the interent, the men of iron are sculpts of the artists actaully body. It is an experiment on the perceptions and thoughts of the general society with these naked dudes circling the park and looking down upon us from the sky. pretty cool if you ask me.


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