Saturday, May 8, 2010

Roadtrippin' to Woodstock

So I Headed over to our little country house we have stashed away in the woods of Woodstock, NY, with my step-father. I am in the process of heading up to Vermont, but I needed a ride from the city to Woodstock beacuase my car was getting checked out at the shop. SO, with that said, me, moukti (the dog), and the pops took a detour on our way up, stopping at a car inspection shop to, if you haven't guessed already, get the car inspected! Letting Michael deal with the papers, me and mukti went on a walk to check out the mircale mile road stop.

After about an hour of "inspecting", we got the car back and made our way to Woodstock, just in time for lunch. With the sun shining and the colors exploding, we enjoyed a sandwhich, played fetch with the dog that never gets tired, and relaxed in our little cottage for the rest of the day. I have yet to find the right words to describe the comfortable, meditative vibe we have at our little house. For now I can show around with some photos.

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Welcome to the Dojo

This is where I sleep...

...and this is where mukti sleeps...just kidding

We got our Elephant protector with us

We're headed to town tomorrow to pick up the car with a fresh set of kicks (tires), a new window put in the on the drivers side, and a fresh wash down! Then I'm on my way to Vermont!


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