Sunday, May 2, 2010

Adventuring across country with LIzzy Beerman

Take 2 teenagers just out of their senior year of High School, take all of their belongings and throw it in the back of a Honda Element, pack a large freezer container worth of amazing food, and give them three days to travel from Stratton, VT over to Breckenridge, CO, and what do you get? Me and Lizzy Beerman going road tripping. Every snowboarder and/or Skier has done this journey. People have done it in 5 days, others in 24 hours. Liz and I decided to take 3 days, driving from VT, down to Pittsburgh, PA, then up to Chicago, then passed by Lincoln, NE and finally made our way to Breckenridge, CO. It was my first road trip I'v ever done, and with that said, it was one of the best adventures I've ever had. 
Lucky enough to share it with Lizzy Beerman, we stuffed our lives in the back of her car, gave me a two-day course on how to drive stick, and hoped we'd get their. Its rather hard to tell you how rad of an experience it was, so I'd rather entertain you with an edit Liz and I made of the trip. Defiantly one of these little shorts that I'm gonna like seeing when I'm 80.

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