Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Day at Work

My first day  on the job with SASS wasn't quite what you would say your normal "first day of work". In this haunted looking, grandma smelling, 3 story-building lies the work and brains of SASS. Its the Headquarters, the Dojo, the ghetto Bellagio. Every corner of the room is stacked to the ceiling with everything from paper work, to gear, to surfboards. Its sick.

With that said, its an organized system for these guys and they get WORK DONE. Everyone has their own little corners throughout the house, with their life basically covering there space. I sat down in these leather chairs with Big Daddy John Sag Wilbur and got my work laid out for me. These guys put me right to work. 

And of course, part of the job is to document whats going on, so when I took a break from the computer I walked around the house, went for a bike ride to the coast, oh yea and at the end of the day I put on a wetsuit and got shacked in some sickkkk 2in. barrels waves. After a paddle session on a flat sea, we headed back, and ended the night with lobster tail and tuna tacos. Heres my first day at work at the headquarters! More to come!

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